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This Thailand Silver Jewelry Blog is our official blog written by Rainbow Silver’s team. We would like to provide information and insights into silver jewelry business, new products, services and related topics in Thailand.

During daily work, our team continuously figure out useful things, generate ideas and maybe even discover things that have extensive impact. We often share this knowledge inside a closed circle of co-workers. Now we have decided to share some of their "secrets" with you!

Please be noted that we always would like to grow business with you also. We are pleased to hear your comment also.

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The Latest Collection: Love Is All Around

Rainbow's latest Collection "Love Is All Around" comes with double ring LOVE and small heart design. The comfortable to wearing which kind of one ring look gorgeous for the appearance with full word love and the three heart line between your two fingered rings. They all fit to your fingers and adjustable. Let’s trendy and chic to stack them now or prepare to your upcoming New Year and Valentine’s season!!

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us at

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RainbowSilver is the Thailand leading manufacturer and exporter of fine handmade 925 sterling Thailand silver jewelry. More than 100,000 designs you can choose such as 925 plain silver, stamping silver, cubic zirconia, pearl, marcasite, hammered, diamond cut, enamel, scratched, dotted, sandbrush, satin and other plating (anti-tarnish, ecode, rhodium, black rhodium) or texture for silver jewelry. Moreover we have many kind of silver jewelry like Chocker, Bracelet, Bangle, Ring, Toe Ring , Hair Clip ,Earring, Belt, Pendent, Anklet, Body Pierce, Watch, Bag, Accessories, Locks, etc. We have showroom on Khaosan Road, Bangkok, that provides wide ranges of jewelry products as plain silver, stamping silver, dotted silver, handmade silver and other silver jewelry. more

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