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Threader Earrings 2018

Following our successful collection of ‘Threader Earrings’ with great sales from our clients, we are delighted to present the extended collection with new designs added for this Threader Earrings 2018 Collection.

The new designs include  1) Silver Ball Threader (10mm. ø)  2) Pearl Ball Threader   and  3) Double Pyramids Threader

The new extended collection was displayed at the past Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair #61 in Bangkok and received great feedbacks and sold very well by our clients. We are confident this will also be your great sellers and fit your market very wellContact us now for the best and most up-to-date quotes at   ORDER@RAINBOWSILVER.COM



Christmas 2017 Special Collection

Our latest Christmas collection is composed of the best selling motifs such as snowflakes, snowman, Xmas tree and so on. The Rings come in three sizes which are Small (fits size US#5-6), Medium (fits size US#7-8) and Large (fits size US#9-10) and come in two models ( 1 = Snowflake + Snowman,  2 = Reindeer + Xmas tree).

Where the bracelet contains all these beautiful motifs in a length of 16 cm with an extension of up to 2cm more.

These beautiful jewelries are also available in other plated colours including gold and rose gold, too!

For more information, please contact one of our sales at ORDER@RAINBOWSILVER.COM


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