What is the delayed step during silver jewelry production?

Silver Jewelry Manufacturing Process

2 months? 45 days? 4 weeks, 3 weeks, or even ten days! Even many factories declare as static lead time to their customers for any design, but the real things are depends. Please come and take a look at each step from farm to table.

1. Design and Wax/Mould making: if you order with common (as our own style) or already-have-mould design, no need to concern about. But if not, this is the most delayed step. Not from wax printing (we use rapid prototyping (RP) technology that is the fastest now) but from designer "queue". We have capacity to do 3D about 6 designs a day, due to many requests from various designers around the world that choose us as partner (that push RAINBOW to expand design facilities in coming up year.) So this step is depend on your queue (First in, First out), cannot declare time range exactly.

2. Casting: (1 - 4 weeks) another (and mainly) restriction. You may know that we have to prepare wax tree to be fully attached with wax mould before entering casting machine. So if you order low "quantity per design", you have to wait until there is other "small order to fill this tree! (normally it has to be 100pcs++ per tree) So the longest process you have to wait is to wait until the wax tree is fully enough for one time casting, to keep the costing as low as possible (mass production principle.) This is depend on the size of casting machine as well. The smaller, the easier and faster (to rush queue) to make for small lot.

(This is the reason that we declare MOQ at 35 pcs/design to keep production time less than 4 weeks as well. Other manufacturer may attract first time customer with so low minimum, but longer and uncertain time to wait for casting queue.)

*Note: Not every design has to use casting method. If it is the automated process such as machine-made (chain/necklace adjusting length with clasp, standard hoop earrings, ball beads, etc.), silver sheet shape-pumping, wiring works, for example, the production time would be so fast because do not have to wait for full wax-tree filling :)

3. Variety of finishing: since decorate the raw casted piece (2 - 3 days), high polishing (1 day), oxidise (1 day), anti-tarnish/e-coat/pure silver/gold/rose gold/rhodium/black rhodium plating (1 - 2 days depend on if the piece has hollow or complex inside, it has to be left dried out before submit to QC.), sandbrush/satin/laser diamond dotted/hammered/scratch (1 day), other artwork handmade such as color enamel or stone setting (1 - 2 weeks depend on the detail)

So you see, the finishing is can fix time, likely to be no delay.

4. Quality Control: this is vary range, depend on which step has problem ir defect result, such as misshape casting (have many damaged or small holes) that has to (queue) re-cast, for example.

So normally we will produce "more than order quantity" to make sure when we QC and pick out disqualified items, the rest would be remaining enough or "much more than the order a little bit." So please understand when we inform the final quantity in the invoice that would be different from order quantity as the nature of production.

Then now you can calculate by yourself how long it take (1 - 6 weeks.) The more understanding, the more happy when deal with each other. Because the best advantage to keep order that meet the constraint of production is "you will get the best factory price for sure!"

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