SPOT Silver Sharply Change Impact - Silver Jewelry Wholesale Shop Killer?

Silver Grain Price for Production Lot

Just give me a break! This mean the silver everyone held is value drop more than one-fourth! Even some people may think it would be the time to come back to lively normal life of silver jewelry business as the past 10 years, but with many shops that have been refill their stock at market silver 40 USD/oz, it is such a real diaster.

"I see SPOT go to 30, so I want 30!" If we sell from stock at this price, the more we sell, the more we fail. Today some shops just close to avoid nonsense querrel with their so value customers. Some shops just sent their owner to go on vacation and let their girls say "we cannot contact our boss, so we cannot discount for you."

Last time with the heavy political crisis in some country (I cannot remember) that make the silver price fall down from 18 to just 8 USD/oz for a year, that make many small shops have to melt their stock and retire from industry.

I still remember the past 3 years ago that market silver was 18 steady all the year, it is the golden year of we manufacturer because no need to book the price of silver grain in advance so difficult as the present.

The hot and lively period of silver jewelry shop (and our shop/showroom department) is when silver slowly steady climb up because everyone will come to snatch with the fear of it would be more expensive on the next day. But what we face in these few week is what people have came and selected the "40 per gram" at the shop and go for Hong Kong fair for a week, then came back to ask "I want 30!"

Is it ok to use other materials to lower the silver risk as crystal and stone? Or to downgrade by changing to non-precious metal like brass or stainless? If you go to Hong Kong fair, they have only non-plain silver like stone, cz, or crytal around the hall. Just surprise why people see such fashion material better than plain one that is moving the most and on top hit forever.

The real golden age for silver jewelry business is when silver is inscreasing or steady (fluctuate not over than 1 US/oz.) But I guess there is no any chance to be like that, especially when we have "silver future" to funny invest like stock exchange.

Gold is still gold, silver so is still silver. People keep them because it is precious. And for people who do retail business that mark up the price 5 - 10 times of normal wholesale, even customize with their unique "style" and "brand", I think there is no effect. So yes, we have to adapt with such a cruel situation, but the one who stand for the silver would be grown their value as real silver once <3

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