For Silver Jewelry Business, who smile would be success!


You maybe in doubt when I say like this, but it is really like this! Many "big lot" buyer would like to enjoy RAINBOW warm hospitality during shopping time. One customer said "even another shop seems to have more design range show off with competitive price, I still have to visit RAINBOW once to say hello with cute girls right there!"

So it is important to treat your partner as friends, not in "impolite" way (like you get when someone try hard to force you buy their goods), but good-willing to use your heart treat your "real" friend. It is like you can take care them other than in business, to let them feel like you give much more than they paid. This is just easy general principal of any business, right?

Some days we see our customers go to other shops, my lady girls would go out and call them to have a visit at my shop in front of street like friendly call also. How sweet!

Even in business world that everything have to be charged, there are many things you can give for free but much more worthy like "Smile"! If you go to McDonalds you may notice 'Smile' menu written on board that is free of charge.

Due to we are the factory as well, lots of "big lot" partners, especially from South America, would place the production order directly at our showroom and will come back and get by himself rather than contact with our export office via email. You can imagine the reason that the "face-by-face" relationship can gain much more trust.

Lots of our partners have been referred from our shop/showroom also. For somes that is not convenience to come to Thailand every time, the export service can suit that. And with the great trust our shop build with them before, they would deposit the millions of credit money to let us ship the product to their countries when finished without delay!

Seems like I tell the old tales in this present time that online business would be more popular. But fundamental truth of silver jewelry business is still the same. RAINBOW is like others businessmen who seek the fair and friendly partners who understand the nature of business well and willing to grow with us altogether rather than to be like typical customer who would like the cheapest and force each other for their best advantage instead of looking forward to long run relationship.

In my mind, as the little salesperson, I would like to devote my whole effort to service my lovely partner who can share symphaty, understand each other, with the firmly trust also. (My boss maybe angry with me if I my personal idea in company blog like this 555+)

If you would like to gain trust by take a visit face-to-face, please do not miss the chance at this Bangkok Gems Fair 14-18th September at Bangkok, Booth U57. You may notice I am away from keyboard to update news and blogs for few weeks due to a lot of preparation to keep you surprice when standing in front of my booth!

RainbowSilver is the Thailand leading manufacturer and exporter of fine handmade 925 sterling Thailand silver jewelry. More than 100,000 designs you can choose such as 925 plain silver, stamping silver, cubic zirconia, pearl, marcasite, hammered, diamond cut, enamel, scratched, dotted, sandbrush, satin and other plating (anti-tarnish, ecode, rhodium, black rhodium) or texture for silver jewelry. Moreover we have many kind of silver jewelry like Chocker, Bracelet, Bangle, Ring, Toe Ring , Hair Clip ,Earring, Belt, Pendent, Anklet, Body Pierce, Watch, Bag, Accessories, Locks, etc. We have showroom on Khaosan Road, Bangkok, that provides wide ranges of jewelry products as plain silver, stamping silver, dotted silver, handmade silver and other silver jewelry. more

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