Places to buy silver jewelry in Bangkok, Thailand

Rainbow Silver Showroom on Khaosan Road

Thailand silver jewelry is known as fine handmade and authentic design with variety of plating and texture. But where to buy?

Because silver jewelry is mainly famous within foreign people than domestic, so big market in bangkok must be in "international community" area like Khaosan Road, Kokwua junction, near Rajdumneon Road.

Another place is on Jareonkrung Road, hi-class hotel area.

But most of these shops are wholesaler. We call it the "Showroom". You can buy only if it is a large quantity only, or you just select some jewelry template and ask to ship via air freight later. The price, of course, is at factory price.

If you would like to buy one or two piece as consumer level, you have to see retail shops which are located on most department store or famous retail shop, all over the world instead, with retail price (=wholesale price + marketing price).

When you look for silver jewelry in these showroom, you may be surprised with variety of co-materials, textures and plating. Is the manufacturer or factory of these shops has this high capability all in one?

Most wholesale shop have deals with contracted factories all over Thailand, each factory is handcraft specialist in each style of jewelry. One factory may be good at plain silver production, while another is good at oxidised texture, etc.

The main idea you have to concern with is the power of wholesaler to negotiate and control these factories. Rainbow Silver, as leading wholesaler in Thailand, has contract with every type of factory, in every region in the country. These result us in unliimit capacity to receive unlimit order from all over the world, without worries of variety or how strange the design is, or especially dwontime/breakdown from one of our long factory list.

You have no need to deal with too many wholesalers for false-tolerance or redundancy when you contact the leading and most performance wholesaler.

RainbowSilver is the Thailand leading manufacturer and exporter of fine handmade 925 sterling Thailand silver jewelry. More than 100,000 designs you can choose such as 925 plain silver, stamping silver, cubic zirconia, pearl, marcasite, hammered, diamond cut, enamel, scratched, dotted, sandbrush, satin and other plating (anti-tarnish, ecode, rhodium, black rhodium) or texture for silver jewelry. Moreover we have many kind of silver jewelry like Chocker, Bracelet, Bangle, Ring, Toe Ring , Hair Clip ,Earring, Belt, Pendent, Anklet, Body Pierce, Watch, Bag, Accessories, Locks, etc. We have showroom on Khaosan Road, Bangkok, that provides wide ranges of jewelry products as plain silver, stamping silver, dotted silver, handmade silver and other silver jewelry. more

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