From farm to table, from idea to jewelry

From idea to real Jewelry

Do you believe if I say most suppliers who claim themselve as "silver manufacturer" are not "all-in-one" manufacturer by itself, more clear to say that they are indeed "distributor" or "dropshipper". What this does mean is each one will have restriction with design or material such as "we have silver ring, but we do not supply chain". Moreover, to let this manufacturer design per your idea and get sample or produce within a week is nearly impossible.

To be "manufacturer", everyone think it has to be "one-stop-service" that can provide everything from jewelry concept to finish product delivered as door-to-door, at the most rapid, of course.

It is not necessary to repeat here what important to deal with supplier who has complete facilities to serve in no time. Now we will describe the complete flow of silver jewelry production.

It has to comeas sketch on paper first. This can be done with high experience jewelry designer to capture every detail to be result in delicate work and answer the consumer requirement directly. Not every sketch can be realistic, it has to answer to the cost and trend to sell also. Luckily for whom who has their own showroom to see actual selling trend, to look what style is more likely to be selling out that time.

After get approval, it will be a turn of 3D designer to form in computer with professional computerized design program such as JewelCAD, with this we will get 3D design sketch that much more realistic, more preferred by customer. And with this type of design, we can bring to next important process, wax prototyping.

As we have described in previous blog, wax template or wax prototype is behaved as primary mold for silver jewelry forming, so the quality of silver jewelry reflected from the mold directly. There are many technology to form wax prototype but the latest is "Rapid Prototyping" machine (called RP) that use special liquid wax (with special know-how, I can say) with laser forming, give precise detail on prototype and "rapid" forming (within few hours).

Then we will give this wax to factory, who will use this to duplicate real mold as total required amount (with some correcting especially for high detail or delicate pattern.) These molds will be formed as a tree, like cement cylender that has space inside according to the mold. After silver casting, we will get the raw silver piece that have to be finished like polishing, coating, plating, make texture (like stamping, laser diamond dotted) or gem setting.

Before delivery, standard manufacturer has to pass quality control (QC), especially for silver composition percentage. Because we sell 925 sterling silver, right? Then we have to ensure that silver composition in finished jewelry is above 92.5% (so you can notice that every silver jewelry is not 92.5% silver exactly, sometime go high at 96 - 97%. This way there is one kind of silver jewelry claimed 99.9% silver, called "pure silver jewelry".) This measurement can be done with "laser inspecting machine" (we have to use scientific method to guarantee instead of just stamping ".925")

And this is how "from idea to jewelry" like "form farm to table". To get quality jewelry, you have to contact manufacturer that can ensure quality in each process.

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