Famous Silver Jewelry Material: Cubic Zirconia (CZ)

Cubic Zirconia Silver Jewelry

As we mention in the past that silver jewelry is likely the fashion jewelry, rarely to be kept as valuable asset like gold and diamond. So have you surprised about what is the beautiful and colorful gems, somes look like diamond or precious stone on plain silver?

The answer is "Cubic Zirconia" (CZ).

CZ is "artificial gemstone", scientifically synthesize to look like variety of real gem, used for reduce cost of whole silver jewelry to meet the concept of "fashion jewelry". It is made from Zirconium Dioxide (people usually confuse with Zircon.) Even synthetic. the systhesis process is "know-how" specific per manufacturer. Good CZ can be hard, reflective, durable, and look valuable as real diamond!

The use of CZ in Silver Jewelry is "the art of science" that require delicate handmade skill. It is well-known that Thai silver jewelry manufacturer have leading profession about this.

Now even CZ silver jewelry can be your beautiful collection that valuable and longlasting, not only typical plain silver jewelry.

RainbowSilver is the Thailand leading manufacturer and exporter of fine handmade 925 sterling Thailand silver jewelry. More than 100,000 designs you can choose such as 925 plain silver, stamping silver, cubic zirconia, pearl, marcasite, hammered, diamond cut, enamel, scratched, dotted, sandbrush, satin and other plating (anti-tarnish, ecode, rhodium, black rhodium) or texture for silver jewelry. Moreover we have many kind of silver jewelry like Chocker, Bracelet, Bangle, Ring, Toe Ring , Hair Clip ,Earring, Belt, Pendent, Anklet, Body Pierce, Watch, Bag, Accessories, Locks, etc. We have showroom on Khaosan Road, Bangkok, that provides wide ranges of jewelry products as plain silver, stamping silver, dotted silver, handmade silver and other silver jewelry. more

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