Electroform Silver Jewelry, Alternative in this silver price fluctuation crisis?

Electroform Silver Jewelry from Rainbow Silver

Need big size 925 sterling silver jewelry, but light weight? Normally when dimension is larger, the weight is heavier, influence cost of sterling silver base directly, more painful during this silver grain price fluctuation that happened since the beginning of this year.

Then electroform silver jewelry come to aid, with technology that "blow out" the silver forming like foam, let we produce big size but with the air inside. This can be made by forming outside first and then puncture small pores at the bottom to let liquid silver inside pour out (you can notice these few pores on this type of silver jewelry.) Even product cost is higher than other methods of manufacturing, but overall cost is low when calculate with the cost of silver grain used (more prefer for wholesale silver jewelry business, or not?)

On the point of consumer view, silver jewelry that is lighter than normal may look not precious enough when compare with typical 925 sterling silver jewelry. But everything is possible when it comes to be fashioned, right?

You can explore wide range of our electroform silver jewelry by type "electroform" in Product Search in the right side of this page.

RainbowSilver is the Thailand leading manufacturer and exporter of fine handmade 925 sterling Thailand silver jewelry. More than 100,000 designs you can choose such as 925 plain silver, stamping silver, cubic zirconia, pearl, marcasite, hammered, diamond cut, enamel, scratched, dotted, sandbrush, satin and other plating (anti-tarnish, ecode, rhodium, black rhodium) or texture for silver jewelry. Moreover we have many kind of silver jewelry like Chocker, Bracelet, Bangle, Ring, Toe Ring , Hair Clip ,Earring, Belt, Pendent, Anklet, Body Pierce, Watch, Bag, Accessories, Locks, etc. We have showroom on Khaosan Road, Bangkok, that provides wide ranges of jewelry products as plain silver, stamping silver, dotted silver, handmade silver and other silver jewelry. more

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